(2010 - )
Start-up of a modern baby's milk factory, a benchmark in innovation and technology in the sector. The new plant continued Nutribén’s international expansion in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

(2000 - 2010)
Start-up of an innovative distribution warehouse and a new factory for baby food in jars and other formats. The generic division was launched in Portugal in 2001, followed by its launch in France and Italy in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Extension of the Algry plant in Huelva.

(1980 - 2000)
Consolidation of Alter companies thanks to the group's ability to innovate and expand its range of products. In the pharmaceutical sector, it continued to add new lines of business. The innovative Germinal ampoules were launched and the Nutribén range of baby foods was completed with formula-based milk. Bodegas Durón was created to make and market wines from the Ribera del Duero. The year 1997 saw the launch of the generic division in Spain. The process for the internationalisation of Nutribén began in the 1990s with the creation of subsidiaries in Panama and the Dominican Republic. New Algry chemical plant in Huelva.

(1960 - 1980)
These two decades saw strong growth by Alter in the pharmaceutical sector. The Nutribén brand was created in 1963 and positioned itself exclusively in the pharmaceutical distribution channel, first with baby food in jars and later, in 1968, with baby food in other formats. Diversification continued in new sectors with the arrival of 1972, including the wine sector with the creation of Bodegas Alavesas under the Rioja Designation of Origin, and in 1977 the launch of a line of cosmetics under the name of Germinal, a new market proposal with a revolutionary concept: high-class Spanish cosmetics for sale in pharmacies. Alter Dominicana was also incorporated as a bridge to the Latin American market.

(1939 - 1960)
The year 1939 saw the incorporation of the group's first company with the aim of becoming a reference in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. The year also marked the beginning of a period of expansion and diversification that culminated with the creation of Alter Portugal and the entry into the fine chemicals sector through Algry.